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China's first successful water circulating pump between the horizontal development of the cold

      micro pumps   2010-12-03

Shandong Electric Power Research Institute between energy companies developed G64sh completed before the cold water circulating pump pressure test, marking China's first stand-alone capacity of the largest horizontal circulation between the cold water pump developed.micro pumps.

To conserve water resources, the state unit on the three northern regions to adopt a new air-cooled type. Direct cooling and air cooling was divided into indirect cooling. Among them, the indirect cooling type slightly higher initial investment, but the power consumption rate lower than the direct air-cooling system of about 2%. G64sh between the cold water circulating pump, is the largest and China's first stand-alone capacity of the cooling method used for the indirect air-cooled horizontal circulation pump. The pump Shandong Electric Power Research Institute has created horizontal circulation pump energy companies to-date record of the indicators.

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