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Celebrate China

      micro pumps   2022-05-12
Through the dark clouds, after suffering frustrations, our motherland, the mother river of the years, step by step, the difficult tune. Until 1949, she was pulling away from the fetters, to straighten out his chest, before the behavior of the motherland with a big win today, we have a happy life. The sixtieth anniversary of the motherland has been the.
We listen to the era under the starlight shining bells, we have to wait long night dawn, how many times, we feel an upsurge it hard, how many times, we've got a plan, how many times, we are unusual for this day - - the motherland six years anniversary!
Since then, the lucky new generation to stand up, they used the fire of his soul was cold and the warm body of the motherland, with the blood of youth who lit the dark soul of the motherland, with the loud voice of the motherland, a textile Choi Ha .
I am proud of my motherland, my mother's son to become the pride of China!
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